Tips To Avoid Fluid Retention

Fluid retention occurs due to an excessive accumulation of fluids in our body’s tissues that it cannot eliminate. Although fluid retention is not a disease, it is a symptom; therefore, it is essential to know the causes to apply the most appropriate treatment and avoid other secondary severe conditions.

Fluid retention can be caused by circulatory problems, kidney disease, liver disease, and obesity or by a simple dilation of the veins in hot weather, as in summer. The best advice we can give you to start is to go to your doctor; this way, you can identify the cause.

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are very similar: weight gain, swelling in legs and feet, increased abdomen, and decreased urination.

So today, if you suffer from fluid retention, we leave you five recommendations to effectively eliminate excess water from your body.

Drink plenty of water

Water is life, undoubtedly the healthiest drink you can find, and among its benefits is that it favors the elimination of accumulated liquids in the tissues.

Our kidneys are prepared to filter 2.5 l. of fluids a day. Therefore, the recommended water consumption is 1.5 l. – 2.5 l. daily. Too much water could be harmful.

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Avoid standing too long.

Avoid spending a lot of time standing as much as possible, even more if you do it in hot and closed places.

If you cannot avoid it, when you sit or stretch, do it with your legs up so that the blood will circulate correctly, and you will prevent a collection of blood in the legs.

Avoid salt.

Common salt usually contains very high levels of sodium chloride. Sodium does not get along well with your circulatory system, hindering circulation and favoring the appearance of fluid retention.

Avoid salt as much as possible, or at least those foods with a high salt concentration.

Goodbye to Sugar

Sugar promotes fluid retention due to its ability to retain water. What do you need it for? The only thing it contributes is calories. If you need to sweeten your dishes, you can resort to natural sweeteners, and if you have a sweet treat, you can replace it with a bit of dark chocolate, but it has a high cocoa content, more than 85%.

Potassium, your ally 

Potassium is also responsible for regulating body fluids, but unlike sodium, potassium promotes the elimination of fluids through urine.

Green leafy vegetables such as chard or spinach, pumpkin, fruits such as pineapple and banana, nuts, and legumes are your allies to combat fluid retention.


Diuretic plants are effective in treating fluid buildup. Infusions are an excellent alternative to consuming this plant, and you take advantage of all the healthy benefits they bring.

Among these plants with the diuretic effect, we can highlight green tea or horsetail.

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Food supplements

Another easy and effective way to promote the elimination of liquids and toxins is nutritional supplements.