The benefits of cleansing shakes and vegetable juices in our body.

The vegetable juices of vegetables, vegetables or fruits are an excellent way to consume the number of vitamins and minerals sufficient that needs our body to cover all its daily needs, especially taking into account the protective effects against different diseases that contain the vitamins of these vegetables, especially when taken raw, since when cooking the vegetables some vitamins are lost, mainly vitamin C. Also, taking fruit or vegetable smoothies is the best way to acquire the necessary daily supply of vitamin C for those with problems b which and chewing. In this way, the vegetable fiber that has many beneficial effects for the purification of the intestines, among other functions, is also used.


Smoothies and vegetable juices

An easy way to consume raw vegetables is to beat them naturally. The marketed and packaged shakes have been heavily manipulated before being introduced into the bottle, can or tetra brick, and sometimes even preservative chemicals are added to them can destroy nutrients. We should also emphasize that taking these fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies is much better than taking them in the form of tablets to get enough vitamins and minerals.

Another way to easily take the necessary vitamins and minerals would be in the form of juices. However, they do not take advantage of the fiber crucial for general health. We must bear in mind that when preparing a juice or smoothie, vitamin C is lost as it loses as the minutes go by, until 30 minutes have passed, approximately when the loss is significant.


To prepare a good smoothie or fruit or vegetable juice, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • Use a good blender and quality products that are not treated with chemicals, such as pesticides, if possible. When in doubt, it is better to always peel food.
  • Wash the pieces well and remove the damaged areas before making the juice.
  • Remove the bones from the fruits before preparing the juice. Grape seeds, lemon, or melon can be liquefied together, but apple seeds are best not taken as they contain a small amount of cyanide.

Purification diets

To cleanse the body of toxins that can cause symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, depression, flatulence, insomnia, abdominal pains, skin spots, or bad breath, an easy and healthy solution is to perform a purification diet. For this to be effective, entering and leaving the fast, consuming one or two days before and after raw fruits and vegetables, vegetable broths, vegetable soups, or cooked vegetables. At the end of the sports diet, meat and fish are not introduced until two days after the end of the fast.


Fasting menu with smoothies or juices

Below we propose a menu to make a fast based on juices and smoothies. It is advisable not to do this diet plus diet more than five days in a row and always under the supervision of a nutritionist doctor.



Grapefruit tonic: Pass through the blender a grapefruit (without removing the white part) with a red apple without seeds.

Morning energy: You need a bunch of parsley, five carrots without leaves, and half an apple without seeds. The parsley is compressed and passed through the blender along with carrots and apples.



Depurative cocktail: A slice of the ginger country of approximately 0.5 cm, a beet, half an apple without seeds, and four carrots without leaf are liquefied.

Regenerator for blood: You will need a bunch of spinach, four lettuce leaves, four sprigs of parsley, six carrots without leaves, and half a turnip. The spinach and lettuce from parsley are compressed and passed through the blender with carrots and turnip.



Potassium broth: Squeeze a bunch of parsley and several spinach leaves and liquefy with 4 or 5 leafless carrots and two celery stems.

Depurative cocktail for all the time: Compress two sprigs of parsley and liquefy together with 4 or 5 leafless carrots, two celery stalks, one seedless apple, and half beets.



Strengthened extract for the liver: Liquefy a small beetroot and 2 or 3 seedless apples.

Spicy tonic: It is made with pineapple quarter with bark, half an apple without seeds, and a slice of the ginger root of half a cm, approximately.


Before dinner

Apple and mint fizz: You need 4 or 5 fresh mint leaves, two seedless green apples, one small lemon wedge, sparkling mineral water, and mint leaf sticks. The mint, apples, and lemon are liquefied, and the juice is poured into a small jar filled with ice. Then a high glass is poured and finished filled with mineral water. As a final touch, it can be adorned with mint leaves.

Melon and strawberry smoothie: Liquefy two cuts of melon with crust and 5 or 6 strawberries.



Depurative tonic: A thin slice of cabbage, two green apples without seeds, and six carrots without leaves are passed through the blender.

Vegetable soup: You need 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, a cabbage leaf, a large tomato, two celery stalks, a chopped kale leaf, and a spoon of crusts. Wrap the garlic with the collard greens leaf and pass through the blender next to the tomato and celery. Then pour the juice into a saucepan, add the chopped cabbage, and heat it over low heat. Finally, you can donate to the costs.



To satisfy hunger between meals, you can have a cocktail of berries prepared with a large bunch of white grapes, a large bunch of black grapes, and 1 kg of blueberries or blackberries. The white grapes are liquefied, and the juice is poured into a cube tray that will then be put in the freezer. The black grapes and berries are passed through the blender, pouring the liquid into a tall glass.

Then add the cubes and garnish with a small bunch of grapes. Another healthy option is to drink a fruit tea, for which a peeled orange will be liquefied (without removing the white part), a red apple without seeds, a lime segment, and 1 liter of water, and the juice will be poured into a saucepan. Then the water will be added and heated over low heat.