5 Tips for Sleeping Well in Hot Weather

In summer, it is not always easy to get to sleep. Indeed, high temperatures can prevent us from sleeping well. Fortunately, there are quick fixes to help us. Discover five tips for sleeping well when the thermometer keeps climbing.

Have you tried everything, and nothing works? Falling asleep when the weather is hot can sometimes be a real ordeal. Air the bedroom, refresh your bed, avoid overly large meals. Stock up on tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Freshen up the bedding.

Summer nights can ruin our sleep—one of the first steps to overcome this problem: cool your bed. There are several options available to you for this. First, put away your duvet and opt for bedding made of a natural material such as cotton or linen. The latter is particularly suitable for the summer season. This absorbent material retains freshness and will allow you to spend a fantastic night! If you do not want to invest in a linen bed set, you can freeze your pillowcases in airtight bags or use hot water bottles filled with cold water previously left in the refrigerator. Your bed should also be of good quality to ensure restful sleep. Find a wide range of mattresses on lacompagniedulit.com.

Air the room

The best technique to bring a little freshness to the room is to ventilate the room when the temperatures are still low: very early in the morning. Also, create drafts by opening windows in other rooms. Finally, when the weather is sweltering, it may be worth investing in a fan that you can keep by your side at night for better sleep.

Close the shutters. 

This technique is very effective in blocking the sun’s rays and keeping a minimum of freshness in the room. You can also use thermal insulating curtains, actual shields against the heat.

sleeping well

Stay hydrated and eat light.

To stay hydrated, drink a liter and a half of water a day. And it is all the more necessary during the summer. Indeed, we sweat more than usual, and the body needs to keep a good level of hydration without waiting for thirst. Don’t hesitate to keep a water bottle with you at night when needed. It is also essential to consume a light meal in the evening to not increase our body temperature during digestion. Forget about red meats and high-fat foods. Bet on inadequate intakes such as fish, white meat, and fruit. 

Take a shower before sleeping.

To refresh our bodies, we tend to take a cold shower before going to bed. But this is a bad reflex. Indeed, our body will seek to warm itself in contact with cold water, thus drawing on its reserves to produce heat. Suffice to say that this is not the desired effect. Instead, opt for a lukewarm shower to lower your temperature. To keep the skin moist and make the most of the cooling products, wipe yourself off partially, and do not hesitate to use a damp glove to put on your face during the night.