The Ultimate Secret Of How to properly skin care

All women dream of healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin care. This is absolutely real if you know how to properly and effectively care for her. After all, most of the time is spent not on salon, but on home cosmetic procedures.

Proper skin care is based on the choice of high-quality suitable cosmetics, adherence to the recommendations of the beautician and the regularity of care. Amway products are becoming the choice of many women. The company new offers several lines of products that solve different beauty tasks and facilitate skin care.

Skin type: To understand what you need for your daily facial; you need to determine your skin type. Naturally, it can be normal, dry, oily or combination, but change with age.

Her condition is influenced by internal factors:

  1. hormonal balance
  2. menstrual cycle,
  3. health status,
  4. taking medications,
  5. emotional condition,
  6. stress,
  7. diet,
  8. bad habits.

Do not forget about age, because the processes of wilting begin at the age of 25: gradually the skin loses its volume, its density changes, small and deep wrinkles and pigmentation appear.

External factors include:

  1. Lifestyle,
  2. place of work,
  3. climate,
  4. season,
  5. air temperature,
  6. ecology,
  7. contact with household chemicals,
  8. the wrong choice of cosmetics.

Facial skin care has one goal – the correction of problems common to all types. Usually, cosmetics are intended for dry and normal, oily and combination, sensitive and aging skin, and it is new important to consider this when choosing a product.

Normal Skin: with an almost ideal balance is considered normal: not too dry and not too oily, with good blood circulation, small pores, soft, even, smooth, matte, velvety. She has a fresh look, beautiful color and transparency. She sunbathes well, with climate change it can become a little dry or oily, but quickly enters its normal state, finding itself in a familiar environment. However, this type needs constant care: gentle skin care, sun protection, and the fight against age-related changes. In this case, the Power System program (ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ™) is suitable.

Dry skin: is characterized by a deficiency of sebum. This leads to a lack of lipids, which help to retain precious moisture and protect against adverse external influences. This type is characterized by a dull color, heterogeneity caused by the accumulation of dead cells on the surface. Unfortunately, such skin ages early, becomes sensitive and hypersensitive.

Dryness discomfort is the main complaint. Proper care with hypoallergenic cosmetics helps to restore comfort and suspend the process of premature aging: delicate exfoliation, moisturizing, nourishment, restoration, toning, protection from UVA and UVB rays. Try the 3-step ARTISTRY HYDRA-V ™ Deep Hydration System with Gel Cream.

Bold: It is characterized by an oily sheen due to increased sebum production, enlarged pores, a tendency to comedowns, and redness. However, unlike dry, it ages more slowly. You need to take care of oily skin by thorough and deep cleansing and correction with special means. It is also necessary to moisturize on the basis of non-comedogenic products, in the formula of which there are no oils.

For oily skin, the Artistry ™ Purifying Mattifying Mask has a pleasant creamy texture and cooling effect. Its formula includes clay, mineral salts of zinc and copper. The mask can be new applied several times a week, it affects the deep layers of the epidermis, cleanses, tightens pores, refreshes.

Combined: Combination is called skin, the oily content of which varies from site to site. In the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) it is oily, in the cheeks it is normal or dry. An integrated approach is needed here. To moisturize the oily zone, you need a light fluid, for a dry one, a rich cream. The ARTISTRY ™ HYDRA-V ™ Enriching Gel Cream is lightweight to hydrate and restore a beautiful matte finish.

Sensitive: Sensitive skin is characterized by increased irritability and reaction, broken by the natural defense barrier. She easily reacts to changes in air temperature, sun, wind, low-quality and “aggressive” cosmetics or its ingredients, emotional overload, lack of sleep, and taking medications. For some, high sensitivity is a permanent condition of the skin, for others it is a temporary condition that has arisen under the influence of external or internal factors. Any redness, rosacea, rash, swelling and peeling are accompanied by itching, burning, pain. The selection of cosmetics is not the easiest one. In any case, soft hypoallergenic products without fragrances, retinoids and acids are needed.

What changes with age

Each type is prone to aging. But with proper daily skin care, including protection and prevention of aging, you can forget about the word “age” for a long time. The main place here is occupied by anti-aging cosmetics, which include:

  1. hyaluronic acid,
  2. collagen,
  3. peptides,
  4. vitamins,
  5. ANA acids.

The company has developed two products Amway ARTISTRY Supreme LX ™ with a unique set of “cellular effect 24” – cream facial treatment activator of youth and Balm-recovery for a century. After their application, the internal reserves of the skin are strengthened 68 times! The visible result will please in 2-4 weeks.

Day by day: basic treatments

Maintaining beauty and health requires constant care. You need to follow the steps of skin care, giving each at least 2-3 minutes.

Cleansing: The procedure is carried new out twice a day, using soft cosmetic products, filtered water. In the morning, the task of cleansing is to remove sebum and dead skin particles, in the evening – to cleanse the face of decorative cosmetics and impurities that have accumulated during the day. So, you prepare the skin for the next stage – applying serum, day or night cream, decorative cosmetics.

Peeling: The procedure is aimed at removing dead cells of the epidermis. It can be done with ready-made scrubs and peels, or hand-made products based on sugar, coffee, oatmeal, soda, etc. Depending on the skin type, the sequence of the procedure is 1 time in 7, 10 or 14 days.

Toning: The procedure helps to neutralize the negative effects of tap water, remove the remains of cleaning agents. A tonic or lotion slightly moisturizes, softens, increases tone, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, facilitates the penetration of active ingredients in cosmetics at the next stage.

Moisturizing: In the morning, 20-30 minutes before leaving the house, apply a moisturizer, which not only saturates with moisture, but also protects against unfavorable ecology. It can have a different composition and texture, due to the season and purpose for a particular type. For example, try ARTISTRY ™ HYDRA-V ™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream, which instantly moisturizes the area for 24 hours.

Food: This stage usually occurs in the evening. A few hours before bedtime, apply a nourishing night cream to your face, not forgetting about the neck and décolleté. The cosmetic product is selected according to the type and condition of the skin. It can be combined with eye cream and lip balm.

How to choose cosmetics for your type?

To understand what exactly you need to care for your face, consult with a dermatologist beautician. Before making recommendations, he will conduct visual and hardware diagnostics, ask about his health.

You can do this at home with the help of a small experiment: Wash with mild beauty products.

Apply a nourishing foundation. If after 15-30 minutes the face began to shine from the protruding fat, this is a fatty type, if you feel dry and uncomfortable – dry type. The mixed type will show up in brilliance in the T-zone.

After 2-3 hours, see how the makeup looks: whether it holds well, whether it has an ugly shine, peels off, rolls down or clogs into the pores.

In addition to following this recommendation, you can simply monitor the condition of the epidermis. Define:

  • what do you dislike when you look at your face.
  • are wrinkles, age spots, blood vessels visible.
  • are there rashes, redness, foci of inflammation.
  • do you feel dry after 30 minutes after washing with tap water.
  • how you feel after applying moisturizer.
  • what are your pores.
  • is there any inflammation.

When choosing cosmetics, study its composition, hypo allergenicity, ease of application, storage and use rules.

The secret of proper facial skin care lies not only in cosmetics, selected according to all recommendations, but also in lifestyle. Try to give up bad habits, eat right, stay hydrated, follow the reviews of new Amway cosmetics, use sunscreens with a filter – such as SPF 15 ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ™. These simple rules will help maintain beauty and health for a long time.