How to choose a perfume

Choosing a scent is an art that can be learned throughout your life. Choosing the right perfume that will become your favorite is always not easy, because this will require not only emotions and preferences. Experience and knowledge are required.

This is important, since the scent should not only like a person personally – comfort and self-confidence depend on it – but also help create the best impression, emphasizing individuality, attracting attention, demonstrating the delicate taste of its owner.

At the same time, some create a real “perfume wardrobe”, while others remain faithful to a single scent. Women are attracted by the aesthetics of the bottle, the unusual name and beauty of the fragrance, men are attracted by the very essence of the perfume creation.

Basic knowledge of fragrances

Fragrances have 4 types of concentration of aromatic substances (essential oils in a mixture of water and alcohol), which determines their intensity and how long they will last. Cologne (Eau de cologne) – 3.5% aromatic substances, lasts about 2 hours.

Eau de toilette – 4.8% aromatic substances, lasts 3-4 hours.

Eau de parfum or daytime perfume (Eаu de parfum) – 15-18% of aromatic substances, lasts 6 hours.

Perfume (Parfum) – 15-30% of aromatic substances, last up to 24 hours.

The Amway company presents a collection that includes exquisite samples of the most versatile perfumery products: eau de new toilette and eau de parfum for women and men, as well as the WISTFUL Aroma body fragrance.

According to the formula, that is, the chemical composition of the ingredients, the aromas belong to different families: fresh, floral, oriental, woody. Fresh aromas are subdivided into citrus, fruity, green, aquatic, aromatic aromas with a bright energetic character. They are great for the summer.

Eau de toilette from Amway HYMM ™ for Men seems to be created for strong-minded guys who are able to conquer any peaks and fight the elements. The aroma attracts with fresh notes of sea water and citrus, reveals itself in the sound of notes of sea salt, violet leaves and lavender. And it entails an unforgettable trail – deep and courageous: patchouli, cedar wood and LORENOX ™ are heard in it. It is a special molecule that brings the shades of sun-kissed wood, leather and amber to life.

Floral aromas convey the scent of plants that bloom at different times of the year and day. They have a soft feminine character, which is why they are so popular with romantic natures and young girls. This is the newest popular type of perfume.

A prime example is the premium product from Amway – ARTISTRY Flora Chic Eau de Parfum, which has a persistent scent that is appropriate for any environment and time of day. It resembles a beautiful bouquet made from Bulgarian roses. Its enchanting aroma is mixed with the sunny honey-floral scent of French clementine, enveloped in the warmth of Madagascar ylang-ylang.
Oriental scents are warm and spicy, with a daring and bold character. Ideal for evenings, special occasions and dates. They are adored by sensual, passionate and adventurous people.

ANTICIPATE: Intense eau de parfum for women can turn your head and make you dream about yourself. An unexpected duet of fresh white freesia and ripe blackberries, framed by Arabian jasmine and orchids, seduces you.

Woody scents are chipper, woody, leathery scents with earth and woody notes. They demonstrate a confident character and will to win, therefore they are usually preferred by men. This is the OPPORTUNE Premium fragrance from Amway, which men wear during the day, evening and on special occasions. Its woody composition is made softer by mandarin, watermelon and pink pepper. But this is just an introduction. The heart contains notes of Sichuan pepper, lavender and jasmine. Ambergris, musk, white wood, cedar is woven into the trail. This long-lasting fragrance uses “Essence of the Jungle” to help preserve the best qualities of aromatic essences.

Listen to the spirits

Each fragrance can be compared to a piece of music created from notes and inspiration. Therefore, it has top, middle (or “heart”) and base notes – and it is customary to “listen” to it. The top notes provide the first impression after the scent has touched the skin and prepares us for full perception. Usually these are fresh, light aromas of citrus fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, as well as rosemary, tarragon, coriander, etc., which open in the first 5-10 minutes and then wither. In the first moments,

ARTISTRY Men Unknown ™ eau de parfum for men attracts with a refreshing aroma of bergamot, in which the freshness of citrus is so pleasant, emphasized by the astringency of wood and the juiciness of rain-washed greens.

The heart notes help determine which family a given perfume belongs to. Usually in the center of the composition you can recognize floral, fruity, spicy notes, aldehydes: rose, geranium, verbena, orange, jasmine, lavender, black pepper, cinnamon, etc. These notes unfold in 15-30 minutes and sound for 3 hours. Peony, magnolia, lotus bloom.

in the heart of WISTFUL № 1 women’s perfumery water. And this is a real hymn to summer. The scent is appropriate during the day, evening and on special occasions.
The base notes conquer with their beauty in 1-2 hours, and then they sound beautiful, strong and long – from 6 to 24 hours, connecting with the heart notes. This is the main theme and silage of the fragrance. In addition, the plant and animal origin ingredients in the base act as fixatives, slowing the rate of evaporation of the middle and top notes. These are the smells of earth and wood, oak moss, sandalwood, sage, cedar, vanilla, musk, amber, etc.
In the trail of ANCESTRY in Paris women’s perfume water, amber and white musk sounded, softened by the incomparable beauty of tuberose. This fragrance is suitable for evenings and special occasions.

How to choose a perfume?

When choosing a perfume, one should not rush, and therefore, first you should decide which scent is your favorite – for example, floral or oriental. Then to understand how it is in harmony with the style of clothing and lifestyle, and also corresponds to a specific place: office, theater, club, street, leisure, etc. It is new necessary to take into account the season, the nature of the weather, the time of day when this perfume will be worn.

Another must-see factor is skin type. The scent always reacts to the smell and type of skin, body temperature, weather – all this affects its durability and intensity.
So, having oily skin, it is preferable to choose light floral and citrus aromas,

Dry skin – woody, musky.

For dry skin, it is advisable to moisturize the points of application of the scent to prolong their sound.
Fragrances last longer on oily skin. When choosing a perfume composition, the age of a woman is a controversial issue, although it is quite reasonable. It is known that perfumers, when creating their masterpieces, are guided by several age groups, but life usually makes its own adjustments.

If you need to choose a perfume for a girl, then you should pay attention to brighter and bolder fragrances.
But adult ladies, instead of complex aldehyde fragrances, are happy to wear light and delicate ones.
Harmonious sensual aromas are considered the optimal choice for those who are 35-45 years old.

For example, the floral symphony of the perfumery water ANTICIPATE, in the heart of which, in a halo of pink pepper and ylang-ylang, wonderful flowers are combined: modest and passionate – lily of the valley and tuberose, exciting and tender – jasmine and violet.

Aroma testing

For a long time, there new have been certain rules for applying scent to skin and clothing. Areas of the body that you can apply a drop of perfume or spray with perfume or eau de toilette are pulse points: just below the earlobes, wrists, right and left sides of the neck, the bend of the elbow, under the knees, the depression between the collarbones, the chest. If there is a desire to add aroma to clothes, then you need to spray eau de toilette in front of you and enter this cloud or apply it to the hem of the dress. To select a perfume scent, it is recommended to test a maximum of 3-4 scents and in no case apply several scents on the wrist of one hand.

The first step to comprehending a scent is a bottle that has a faint scent. If you like it, then the aroma must be applied to the test paper (blotter) and after 10 seconds, which are needed for the alcohol to disappear, inhale the aroma. If you have a good impression, then it is worth applying the fragrance to the skin of the wrist, but not rubbing the skin, as this destroys the molecules and changes the fragrance. At the same time, the skin must be clean, that is, without traces of body cream or hand cream with perfume or other perfumes that will affect the sense of smell. Only 30 minutes after applying the fragrance to the skin, you can understand how it unfolds, mixing with the natural scent of a person.

However, in order to determine the persistence of a perfume, it will take time – from 2 to 24 hours, which depends on what concentration of fragrance the choice falls on: cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume.
Every time you get to know a new perfume, you need to pause and breathe in the smell of coffee beans. If testing a certain scent caused a slight headache, you should immediately say goodbye to it, because the right scent is the one that we love and do not notice, it is so comfortable and friendly to us.

Amway consultant help

Finding the scent of your dreams and understanding which perfume to choose will be much easier if you contact an Amway consultant who will tell you in detail about the formula, ingredients and purpose of the perfume. Test your perfume, even if the formula includes ingredients, you don’t really like. In a new, unfamiliar composition, they can sound completely different, which means they can change their attitude towards themselves and become a joyful discovery.