7 tips to have perfect skin in less than a week

Perfect skin is often largely the result of genes, but without proper care, there is no skin that looks splendid and perfect, no matter how much our parents have left us this excellent inheritance. And there is no doubt that healthy skin is essential to slow down the passage of time and give us a healthy and shiny appearance.

A skin with a dull tone, with the traces of premature aging, tired and dehydrated will make us appear dull and faded, without cosmetics being able to give us light and color. If this is your new case, do not despair and bet on natural skin care. In this article we have made a compilation of the 7 tips to have perfect skin in less than a week and look like a diamond for that special date, for that unique party or, simply, for your day-to-day.

How to improve the appearance of your skin in 7 days

Achieving perfect skin in a week can seem like a daunting task if you are not used to taking care of yourself a minimum of time a day. But if you have already reached that point where you want to change your life and recover the lost years, a week of intensive care can be the basis for a profound change in your habits and to be able to rescue the beauty of your skin.

 Always keep in mind that every age has an attraction and that the years not only do not make us older, but they also make us wiser. To get perfect skin in less than 7 days you must keep in mind that you must:

Take care of your diet

A healthy diet free of fat and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help you keep your skin healthy. Leave the pastries, do not eat excess bread or abuse chocolate, alcohol or fatty and precooked foods. Fruits, vegetables and natural juices, as well as grilled and low-fat meats and fish will be ideal for your skin to improve its appearance.

Quit tobacco.

This is one of the worst daily habits that affect your skin. The snuff subtracts brightness and gloss to the skin of the face, also favoring the appearance and accentuating wrinkles expression. That you get wrinkles from laughing and chatting will make you age with style and naturalness, something that the wrinkles of tobacco or other drugs will not achieve.

Keep your skin clean

Maintaining a daily cleaning and beauty routine is essential for our skin to look as healthy and perfect as we would like. The facial cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and nutrition of the skin of our body and our face is critical to not lose one iota of brightness and we are splendid.

Use cosmetics appropriate to your skin type

Do not get carried away by the rankings of the most effective, cheapest or most expensive beauty products that are usually published, nor do you be guided one hundred percent by the advice of friends and family. The moisturizer or homemade scrub may work well for your friend, but it may give you an allergy or not have the least effect on you. If you are not sure what type of skin you have or which treatment is best for you, try to consult a professional and get a line of cosmetics that suits you well and fits your pocket. Take a good look at the new ingredients and try to opt for natural cosmetics and not tested on animals.

Try to get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep, staying up late and/or getting up early is not ideal for our skin, with the passage of time we will notice how the dark circles are accentuated and our skin acquires a dull tone. Try to follow a  regular sleep routine appropriate to your age and daily activity. The ideal is to sleep between 7-8 hours a day if you are in adulthood.

Sunbathe with protection

Find the right protection for your new skin type and tone and try to sunbathe and be outdoors to recharge your batteries. Protect your skin from the sun and always carry a suitable sunscreen for your skin type.

Treat yourself and go to a spa

Nothing better than pampering yourself and giving yourself a hydrotherapy treatment in a spa . An hour or two of pampering yourself with thermal water or seawater will make us feel great and our skin will thank us. And if you don’t have time or can’t spend a lot, resort to Epsom salt baths or magnesium salts at home. These salts are not very expensive and a bath a week is an excellent option to restore beauty and de-stress our skin.