Our secrets for sublime legs


Gone are the hairs you can’t see, not to mention the toes and the back of the ankles, such as the knees and thighs. Everything counts! For prolonged effectiveness, we will take our time by turning the depilatory back or pulling the wax strip before applying a little moisturizer and a regrowth retarder care.

Our tip: we do it the day before a first trip from the beach, never the same day, especially when the skin is still very white, so as not to attract the eye to the red dots that appear flush with the skin, just after hair removal.


Bleached, rough here and there, the legs need exfoliating care to remove small dead skin in case of pronounced dryness. Products that are slightly exfoliating with AHA, or mechanical action thanks to a grainy texture, thus promote cell renewal and prepare the skin to enjoy better other beauty treatments, especially self-tanners, for an even effect. Emphasis is placed on rebellious areas such as heels and knees. To do instead in the evening, not just before getting into the sun, because the bite of UV would be too sharp on a skin “exposed.”

Our tip: feet in the water, on the beach, we take a little sand mixed with salt in the hands to rub the legs. A real 100% natural scrub! And then, you apply your sunscreen.


We want star legs, satin, and plumped. To achieve this naturally luminous result, they must be provided with something to nourish the epidermis and moisturize and replenish the protective surface shield, limiting water evaporation. We bet on the effectiveness of vegetable oils (sweet almond, jojoba, olive, argan ), aloevera, or shea butter in mono-ingredient or combined with other components. The main thing is to renew the application morning and evening.

Our tip: for a cocoon effect, we do not hesitate to double the dose of ultra-rich product in the evening to let the active ingredients act in depth all night. And in the morning, we prefer treatments that penetrate quickly, such as light creams or gel texture.


Loose skin, saddlebags, dimpling: it’s not inevitable, and the holidays offer a perfect time to follow a firming youth program. We start by equipping ourselves with tensor and de-encrusting products, often rich in caffeine. A roll-on with pimples, sometimes offered with firmness care, goes from bottom to top along the entire length of the legs, making it possible to optimize the active ingredients. And if you take advantage of the free time to build a little muscle, walking more by the water, swimming, pedaling, you will quickly appreciate the result.

Our tip: on the rebel area, the inner face of the thighs, we apply the Jacque pinching technique. It involves grabbing the flesh between the thumb and forefinger and twisting the skin. To do instead in the evening because the maneuver can leave red marks.


Many women suffer from a slight venous insufficiency with heat, which has a vasodilatory effect on the vessels. The feet and ankles then tend to swell. It’s painful and not very aesthetic. However, this can be arranged by applying light leg care, often concentrated in the red vine, horse chestnut, ginkgo Biloba, vaso-constrictor, and venotonic.

Our tip: nothing beats the jet of fresh, downright cold water from the shower on the lower legs or even a good foot bath in cool water at the end of a scorching day.

More golden

Forcing on the tan is possible without abusing UV, with a darker self-tanner than usual. In the express mode for one evening, tinted mists and body oils, ideally glittery, also offer an immediate benefit. Imperfections (bruises, mosquito pimples, spider veins, etc.) will have been erased beforehand with the help of a concealer or a specific foundation that covers well.

Our tip: to distribute the glitter well and prevent it from adhering to the hand, it is better to impregnate a cotton disc, or even a washcloth, with glittery oil to pass over the legs.