How to sunbathe quickly?

We all dream of beautiful tanned skin for the summer. But every year, it’s the same: we use and abuse the sun. Result? We find ourselves redder than a crayfish. So, no need to expose yourself to excess! The secret to a quick tan? Gradual preparation. And there are many techniques to allow you to sunbathe quickly and satisfactorily. Check them out.

This year, we are challenging ourselves: not to look like a lobster on the beach. Easier said than done? Que Nenni! There are several effective methods to wear a beautiful golden complexion. Sunscreen, outdoor activities, hydration, good looks recipes… Because yes, it is also possible to sunbathe quickly without the sun! Discover all the tips.

Quick tanning: sunscreen, an essential

We can never say it enough: yes, it is possible to sunbathe with sunscreen, even if the index is 50! This product is essential for sunbathing without sunburn. Whether you have fair or matte skin, it will protect you from the harmful effects of UVA and-UVB rays, which are responsible for burns, skin aging, and skin cancer. So opt for sun protection containing moisturizing agents if you have dry skin and free of oily residue if you have oily skin. Tanning sun oil, tanning cream, milk, mist… You are spoilt for choice! Thanks to a UV index of 50 or 30, no more questions to ask: sunbathing on the water to sunbathe faster!

Sports activities in the sun

Petanque, beach volleyball, beach rackets, windsurfing… Hate yourself lazing on the beach doing nothing? Let off steam during a sports session in the sun! Ideally, schedule it when the sun is not at its zenith. So we forget the time slot 11 am-4 pm, and we do not skimp on sunscreen! Because when moving, the sweat of your body causes an additional reflection in the sun. It is also better to bring a cap or bob to avoid sunstroke in total effort. And of-course, we do not forget the essential bottle of water!

Moisturize your skin to tan faster

The keyword for a fast and quality tan? Hydration. And know that it goes first and foremost from within. It is recommended to drink at least two-liters of water a day, especially in summer! But be careful. These drinks must be devoid of sugar. So choose still water or tea, which is very thirst-quenching. In addition, after a day spent in the sun, repair your skin with suitable products such as aloe gel that soothes warm-ups or argan oil, perfect for restoring a weakened epidermis. Also, bet on a moisturizing and anti-aging sunscreen, which will improve the appearance of your skin while keeping it hydrated. Finally, continue this skincare routine even after sun exposure. It will allow you to maintain your tan.

Food: the secret to a quick tan

To put all the chances on your side, it is essential to bet on the right foods. Fruits and vegetables enriched with beta-carotene are your best friends! Carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, basil, and dried apricots… You can draw from your recipe books to concoct a small booster dish of good looks! During this period, it is also necessary to carry out a course of vitamin C, which increases collagen production and has a sunburn-delaying effect. Squeezed orange juice, carrot, and lemon juice!

Our grandmother’s recipes for sunbathing quickly: carrot and pumpkin soup, tomato salad, sweet potato fries, soft-boiled eggs, or cold melon soup. Take advantage of the summer season and the trend of the Mediterranean diet to make dishes based on vegetables from the sun. An explosion of flavors and good looks is guaranteed!

Products and cosmetics to use for tanning quickly

Are you tired of your gray face and translucent legs the first few days on the beach? Don’t panic. We have the solution: tanning accelerators. To sunbathe when you are white, the idea is to prepare your skin for the sun. For this, bet on solar capsules. To take 15 days before the exhibition, they will allow you to sunbathe faster and evenly. To properly condition your skin in the sun, the idea is to apply scrub to remove all your dead skin and ensure deep cleansing.

There are also tanning activators to apply during exposure. These are simply tanning and protective creams and oils to tan faster. Self-tanning and self-tanning showers are also suitable methods if you want to be tanned without exposing yourself to the sun.

On the makeup side, a tanning powder or a blush to apply in a slight touch on-the cheekbones will give the illusion of a golden look.

Avoid UV cabins

If there is one method to banish, it is this one! For years, UV cabins have had a bad reputation. And for a good reason! In France, many people are victims of melanoma after using tanning booths. Indeed, artificial UV significantly increases the development of skin cancers. The reason? The very high dose of UV radiation in a short time pushes the skin to accelerate its natural defense mechanism. Result? It is submerged, and the cells are damaged, hence the cancer risk.

Tan quickly with olive oil.

Olive oil is as indispensable in the kitchen as in the bathroom. Indeed, enriched with vitamin E, K, A, and antioxidants, it is the perfect ingredient to moisturize, soften and protect the skin from the sun.

Our grandmother’s recipe for sunbathing quickly with olive oil: to create your tanning oil, we add a small-amount of olive oil in the vegetable oil of your choice (jojoba, sweet almond, carrot, avocado …) and a little lemon juice. This mixture should be applied before sun exposure under your cream or in the evening to comfort the skin. It will act as a self-tanner for a progressive tan from day today. You can apply it on the whole body and tan the face. The advantage? Olive oil is resistant to sweat and water.