How To Prevent Acne in Adults?

Acne doesn’t just affect teenagers. In France, 25% of adults are also affected by this skin disease, especially women. Although it is beneficial for health, acne ruins our lives and can eventually lead to psychological repercussions in some patients. So how to overcome it? Here are our tips.

Once adolescence was over, we thought we were done with skin problems. And yet, they do not spare us. Unsightly, pimples and blackheads come to play spoilers in our daily lives. It must be said that stress, pollution, sometimes too unbalanced diet, and hormonal disorders do not help to maintain beautiful skin. Healthy food, a pimple acne cream, a suitable beauty routine. Fortunately, solutions exist to remedy late acne.

Why does acne persist as an adult?

Acne is not the prerogative of the adolescent period. This inflammatory disease without real dangers to our health mainly affects women. The reason? Hormonal imbalances, hence, the name hormonal acne, designate adult acne. Stress, overwork. These factors are indeed reasonable grounds for the development of sebaceous glands. These have the role of producing sebum, the fatty film responsible for protecting the skin from external aggressions. When the sebaceous glands are too active, sebum is produced in excess. As a result, the skin becomes oily, and the pores are clogged, causing pimples.

What are the solutions to treat acne in adults?

We are what we consume. Our way of life has, in fact, direct consequences on our health and that of our skin. So, to treat the problem from the inside starts with a good diet.

Fruits and vegetables are our allies against acne.

It’s no secret that daily fruit and vegetable consumption will help you regain healthy skin. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, grapes, bananas, raspberries, spinach, avocado, broccoli, and cabbage are allies against acne.

Replace sugar.

A diet too rich in sugar will promote inflammation of the skin and, therefore, the appearance of pimples. We then bet on sweeteners with better nutritional interest, such as honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup.

Dried fruits regulate our insulin levels.

In case of small hunger, we opt for dried fruits. Almonds, raisins, cashew nuts. They are rich in zinc and vitamin E, improving the skin’s quality.

Drink 1.5 liters of water per day

To remove toxins, there is no secret: drink plenty of water during the day. Tea and herbal teas are good alternatives to stay hydrated, especially since peppermint and turmeric are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

Beware of dairy products.

Milk, yogurt, cheese. These products can cause acne in some people. In question? Their content of fatty acids and their action on the hormone testosterone. So be sure to consume sparingly. You can replace some dairy products with soy drinks and yogurts with plant-based products.

Limiting tobacco and alcohol

To avoid mostly comical acne (blackheads and microcysts), limiting alcohol and tobacco consumption is recommended. In addition to being unhealthy, these factors promote the development of pimples.

A suitable beauty routine

A skincare routine adapted to your acne-prone skin can help you fight against your recalcitrant pimples. First, cleanse your skin with a purifying gel to remove impurities. Pass a cotton pad soaked in anti-pimple lotion (lavender is an excellent astringent), and then apply your cream against acne pimples. Finally, avoid piercing your spots as much as possible, or you will see ugly indelible scars.