Your habits affect more than your diet when it comes to losing weight

For World Nutrition Day, many experts commented on what it takes to have a healthy weight. Because at the end of the day, the diet has not changed much in recent years, but obesity is spreading through the population more and more.

Many concluded that it is not the food itself but the daily habits of each person which help them maintain or lose their weight. Sleep the established hours, exercise, controlling emotions such as stress, and more; are small elements that will improve our lifestyle.

The nutritionist Laura Romano recommended that even applying healthy habits was more complicated than a diet since it would require a discipline that would last the rest of our lives. We would appreciate it in the long run. It would take longer at first to adapt because it would be a renewal of life, but once we understand them, we would be on automatic. “Unlike diets, which have general guidelines for everyone, along this path, particular strategies are proposed to solve the problems that lead to weight gain in each person,” she said. Because each person is different, and that is why treatments are approached differently.”

Some nutritionists even comment that diets only work in the short term, since in a long time, the more extreme they are, the rebound effect will hit harder. When that happens and we deprive ourselves of so many calories, the brain perceives danger, and metabolism lowers. If only diets were as effective at losing weight as fast as most of them advertise, there wouldn’t be this big problem of obesity in society.

Many believe that there is a psychological factor in front of various diets, which always see in terms of “lists” acceptable foods as unacceptable. Of course, some foods are more nutritional than others, so it would be recommended to contribute more to a diet, but the idea of ​​deprivation causes a sense of prohibition in one’s mind, which leads to desire. And the more you want, the faster you get to the heist. So what good was the diet?

How to start with healthy habits?

It is recommended that they begin to be added to one’s life little by little to adapt them more easily. A short walk around the block for thirty minutes, have a cup of tea before bed, read in spare time, apply small exercises to do more complicated ones later… Little things that will help us strengthen our immune system in the long term

Life has become very stressful in recent years, but we can make our day-to-day more bearable with our actions.