Health insurance what will change?

What will change in health insurance in 2022, the expected health care premium next year, and how much is the mandatory deductible? We will keep you informed on this page about the developments in health insurance in 2022.

Health premium basic insurance:
The health insurance premium is the amount you pay to the health insurer to be insured. The content of the primary health insurance policy is generally the same for all insurers. But the amount of the premium for basic insurance can vary considerably.

health insurance premiums have risen steadily in recent years, for example, because of higher healthcare costs and salary costs. As a result, the average premium is also expected to rise in 2022. More information about the scheduled healthcare premium of 2022 will be announced on Prince’s Day.

Own risk:
The deductible is the amount you pay in healthcare costs from the primary insurance before the healthcare insurer proceeds to reimbursement. The deductible is used for almost all health care costs under basic insurance. Exceptions to this are caring for children up to and including the age of 18 and care by the general practitioner.

The deductible amounted to $385 in previous years. The coalition agreement (2017-2021) stated that the deductible would remain the same during the entire cabinet term. However, it’s not yet known how high the deductible will be for 2022. More information about the deductible for 2022 will be announced on Budget Day.

Health care allowance: 
Healthcare allowance is a contribution towards the costs of health insurance. The amount of the healthcare allowance depends on your income. More information will be announced on Prince’s Day about the (maximum) health care allowance for 2022.

Changes to basic insurance:
The content of the primary health insurance policy is generally the same for all insurers; more information about the changes in the basic package of 2022 will be announced on Budget Day; the paramedical recovery care scheme for corona patients is extended. It is currently known that the regulation on reimbursement of paramedical recovery care for corona patients will last for a year.

The scheme expired on 3 August 2021 but will now be extended until 3 August 2022. The strategy stipulates that patients who experience severe complaints after recovering from COVID-19 will be reimbursed for paramedical care (physiotherapy; exercise therapy, occupational therapy; and dietetics) from the primary insurance. ) can receive.

The scheme will also be amended in some respects. For example, in the previous method, the referral and care must be provided within four months after the disease stage. That will now be within six months. And in the new regulation, the general practitioner may also refer to a second treatment period, whereas only the medical specialist was allowed to do this in the previous principle.