Hair removal: what is the best method?

Razor, the cheapest and fastest

Its advantages: being very cheap, this is its main advantage. But it also eliminates hair in the blink of an eye, especially in the legs and armpits, even every day if necessary, when showering. Small, light, and handy, it is also a “nomadic” tool, as simple to take with you for a weekend as for a long trip. And it also helps eliminate last-minute junk in a second. Finally, provided you use a non-disposable mechanical razor, or (and) without plastic, whose blades are renewed, the razor is also the most ecological and economical of the hair removal processes.

Our Maxi Tip: it is not suitable for strong hair and is not ideal for all areas of the body or face. Indeed, as the hair grows back in 24 hours and in the long run, the downs turn into rough and stiff hair, exiting the forearms or chin.

Foam and depilatory milk, the most comfortable

Their strengths: they are straightforward to use. We spread the product, wait a few minutes, then rinse, and that’s it. In addition, they can be used on all areas of the body without the risk of injury except the jersey, the mucous membranes being thin and fragile areas. It is the preferred hair removal method for women with sensitive legs and suffering from varicose veins and spider veins.

Our Maxi Tip: depilatory creams often emit an unpleasant odor and irritate the skin. Disadvantages due to the presence of a chemically active ingredient common to this family of products, thioglycolic acid that destructures and dissolves keratin, the main component of hair. So there is no question of using them on skin sensitized by a sunburn, for example or injured. In addition, more efficient than the razor in the long term, they offer a relative “tranquility” since the hair grows back between 7 to 10 days, and it must wait until it has grown enough to be able to repeat the operation.

Wax and sugar, the most natural

Their advantages: they make it possible to display a perfectly smooth skin for three to four weeks without the shadow of a down. It is also the best price/result ratio when you have dense and dark hair, especially on the legs, because it consists of pulling out the hair and its root (and not the bulb) instead of cutting or dissolving it. When cold, on pre-impregnated strips, the wax is suitable for skin and sensitive areas, such as the face, bikini and armpits, and fantastic hair. Finally, beeswax or ready-to-use sugar preparations, called “oriental,” meet our ecological requirements since they are made from natural ingredients. Advantage of sugar preparations over wax? They can be rinsed with warm water very quickly. On the other hand, wax is often enriched with moisturizing and softening active ingredients such as aloe vera or sweet almond oil.

Our Maxi Tip: be careful if you are cozy! On the legs, hair removal is bearable, but it is more difficult at the armpits and the jersey level. In addition, for the armpits, in particular, it is better to get help if you start. Also, be careful not to burn yourself: prefer the “low temperature” formulas or use a pastry thermometer not to exceed 40 ° C. Finally, it is also necessary that the hairs are long enough to be eliminated.

Pulsed light, the most durable

Its strengths: it is the most recent, the most sophisticated method of home hair removal, and the one that allows you to space the hair removal the most (important when you are chestnut to brown with great hair). In this case, it is a wavelength of light that is somehow attracted by the pigment that colors the hair. It slows down the activity of hair bulbs, our hairy “factory.” From the third session, these are refined and rarefied.

Our Maxi Tip: the device is expensive, so it may be wise to buy it with a friend because you can use it with others. Nor can we speak of permanent hair removal because only medical techniques, such as laser, can claim this result. In addition, this type of device is not suitable for blond, white or red hair, or tanned or dark skin (except for some particular references). Finally, their use is not recommended on sensitive areas of the body, genitals (complete hair removal of the jersey), or the areola of the breasts.