What Is Guasha All About Guasha & Five Excellent Benefits of Guasha Massage

What is Guasha? More about the stone – and the history behind it

Guasha stone, Guasha massage, or just Guasha – dear children have many names. The millennial technology and rock traditionally used in Chinese medicine have now found their way to the bathroom shelf – and we are so happy about that! The beautiful stone helps to detoxify the skin, create fantastic luster, dissolve tension, stimulate skin renewal – and much more. 

Below we describe more benefits of Guasha and how you can take your skincare routine to a new level through regular Guasha massage.

First of all – what is Guasha? Guasha is an ancient massage technique performed with a stone, usually made of jade or rose quartz. The technology has been applied for thousands of years in Asia in Chinese medicine, especially in China. The word itself is composed of its meaning where Gua stands for scrape/scrub and Sha for “red mark,” which in its context means that the face blushes. 

Guasha speeds up blood circulation, which has several positive effects. Among other things, the skin’s cell renewal is stimulated simultaneously as the skin gets a natural glow.

According to Chinese medicine, jade stone also facilitates the flow of energy in the kidneys and helps to clear out toxins and waste products in the skin. The massage itself is also called “The Eastern Facelift” and is perfect for a stressed body or a stressed mind, as the treatment itself is very relaxing and can also release tension in the face and neck.

The stone is usually completely smooth and rests nicely in the hand when you massage it. Its irregular shape also allows you to use different techniques to massage other parts of the face.

Five excellent benefits of having Guasha

We love Guasha technology, not only because it is beautiful and relaxing – but also because it gives both direct and long-term effects. A bit like yoga for the face – you feel and (and in this case see) results immediately afterward, and in the long run, the skin becomes both healthier and more well-balanced. But does that sound too good to be true? Below we have listed five benefits of Guasha we cannot do without.

2. You support the body’s natural cleansing process.

When you massage the face with the GuaSha stone, you promote the body’s natural cleansing process. When you pull the stone with a light pressure upwards and outwards in the face, you drain the skin of both fluid and slag products and toxins, which are then released with the help of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is also directly linked to the immune system, which further strengthens the beneficial effects of Guasha massage on the whole body.

3. You stimulate blood circulation and thus cell renewal.

The light pressure and massage from the Guasha stone also give rise to increased blood circulation. It immediately provides the skin with a beautiful and visible glow, while the increased oxygenation also increases the supply of nutrients in the skin, which stimulates cell renewal. Therefore, the technique is perfect for mature skin needing extra help on the stack to stimulate cell renewal.

4. You help to dissolve tension in the face.

One of the most apparent advantages of the stone is that it can directly help dissolve tensions. Stress and pressure settle quickly in our facial expression, and by gently massaging the face with the Guasha stone and holding on to points that feel extra strained, you can thus help to dissolve these. The stone is also excellent to use in the neck as well.

Guasha can give your face a natural lift.

When you massage the skin upwards and outwards, you can immediately give the face a natural lift. This is partly because the massage helps drain fluid from the skin, clarifying facial contours and, for example, jawbones. The massage is also said to be able to even out wrinkles and make the skin firmer. A typical scenario that the massage can directly remedy is the puffiness and the sleeping wrinkles after a night’s sleep. With the help of slow strokes, you immediately give the face a natural lift. Perfect to start your morning routine with!

5. You get a fabulous and healthy glow in the skin.

Last but not least, the massage gives the skin a wonderful glow. “Sha” stands for “red mark,” which means that blood circulation is stimulated. GuaSha is thus the perfect treatment to immediately get a healthy glow and a wonderful glow in the skin.