Caring for Your Skin During Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment has a major effect on the entire body. maybe it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re very ill: grooming. But its importance should not be underestimated either. The skin is our largest organ and needs extra care when undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. In addition to the care to keep the skin healthy, it is also pleasant for many people to have positive attention for the body.

Effect on the skin

Violent cancer treatment has a major effect on the entire body. It will come as no surprise that the skin also suffers from this. But what exactly is happening? The skin consists of a number of skin layers. New skin cells are produced in the lower layer and transported from there to the upper skin layers. The cells harden and form the horny layer on the outer layer. Over time you lose the old skin cells again, and this cycle continues continuously.


However, when you undergo chemotherapy, the skin is less able to make new skin cells. Because you continue to lose dead skin cells, the skin becomes thinner and more vulnerable, and in many cases also drier or oilier than normal. This effect is also often visible. The skin looks grayer or in some cases somewhat yellowish and the nails and hair become more brittle. But in addition, there is often itching, and wounds can heal less easily because the skin regenerates less quickly. That is why good skin care is an area of ​​concern that should not be overlooked.

Advice and treatments

At Beauty & Skincare Spike Neisse you can go for advice and treatments for the skin when you are dealing with cancer. Even before the radiation or chemotherapy starts, treatments can be carried out to limit the skin complaints. I focus on improving the resistance of the skin. During the therapies we mainly focus on safe skin care and offering a moment of relaxation. It is important to work on recovery after treatment.

Also take care at home

In addition to skin care treatments in the salon, it is of course also nice to be able to do a few things for the skin at home. For example, it is important to use very mild cosmetics. Alcohol, perfumes or soap can further irritate or harm the skin. Therefore, use products that are mild and aimed at retaining moisture. The medical products of IK Skin Perfection are ideally suited for the various complaints that can be the result of cancer treatment.

A moment for yourself

Do you have questions about good skin care during your cancer treatment? Or do you need a little relaxation and rest? You are most welcome at Beauty & Skincare Spoke Neisse.  If it is more convenient, we can also schedule a (video) call appointment. If necessary, products can be delivered to your home for free. Because everyone deserves a moment for themselves to take good care of their skin, but especially when you are sick.