Tips for facial care after 30 years

The famous style icon Coco Chanel believed that any intelligent woman by the age of thirty can make herself a beauty. And indeed, it is.

Indeed, by the age of thirty, each representative of the fair sex already knows well the most advantageous colors of decorative cosmetics, suitable clothing models and other secrets that will emphasize the features of her appearance.

However, in order to maintain beauty, a woman should pay attention to some age-related changes in her skin. After all, if before thirty it was enough to sleep well and apply a moisturizer, then facial care after 30 years requires more time and attention.

Features of the skin after 30 years – So what happens to our skin at this age? The sebaceous glands begin to work less actively. Because of this, dry skin becomes even drier, and oily skin turns into combination.

The processes of metabolism, cell regeneration, and blood microcirculation slow down. The tone of the facial muscle’s decreases. This leads to the appearance of small wrinkles in the mouth and eyes – the so-called “crow’s feet”. Some flabbiness appears on the cheeks, which so far is only noticeable to the owner herself.

There is less moisture in the cells. Therefore, the skin looks drier and thinner. The body produces less collagen and elastin. This reduces skin turgor. The amount of melanin in new the body decreases with age. Therefore, after 30 years, pigmentation may appear on the skin. But most new often it is caused by a number of reasons – vitamin deficiency, hormonal disruption, gynecological diseases and problems with the digestive system.

Many of the listed processes can be significantly slowed down. To do this, you need to take special anti-aging measures.

Skin types

The rules for facial skin care after 30 years of age depend on the specific skin type. Therefore, it is so important to define it correctly. Usually, cosmetologists distinguish four types of skin.

Normal skin. This is skin without visible imperfections. The vessels are not visible on it, the pores are not enlarged. It has an even color and a uniform structure, there is no oily sheen, it does not peel off and is not susceptible to external stimuli.

Dry skin. The first sign of such skin is a feeling of tightness. It is thin and prone to flaking. A common problem for her is “translucent” capillary vessels.
Oily skin. For all those who have this type of skin, there is good news – after thirty years, the sebaceous glands slow down, so the skin becomes less oily. However, the characteristic problems of oily skin can still be uncomfortable. These include enlarged pores, oily sheen, comedowns (dark plugs) and milia (whiteheads). Such leather often has an uneven surface.

However, oily skin also has a number of benefits. For example, it retains moisture well and is less prone to pigmentation. On such skin, wrinkles appear much later, it is more reliably protected from atmospheric influences – wind, frost and sun.

Combination leather. This type of skin combines two or even three types. Oily skin – on the forehead, nose and chin (the so-called T-zone), normal and / or dry on the cheeks and temples. Thus, this skin combines a variety of problems: enlarged pores, comedowns or milia in the T-zone, peeling, irritation, fine wrinkles, spider veins in the cheeks. In addition, combination skin is characterized by uneven color and texture.

If you are still not sure what type of your skin belongs to, use an interesting novelty from Amway – postcards-tester for determining the skin type. You need to apply the test strips to your forehead and cheek for 10 seconds, and then compare the result with the images in the instructions.
Daily home care for a person aged 30 and over includes 4 basic procedures:

in which it is necessary to highlight.
make-up remover and washing.

In addition to daily care, the person needs additional cosmetic procedures, which are carried out once a week, once a month or in courses. These include peeling, scrubs, masks based on oils, honey, clay and other active ingredients.

And, finally, once a year, according to the appointment of a cosmetologist, you can carry out salon procedures: injection and hardware.

Normal skin care

Start your morning by cleansing your skin with ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ™ Rich Foam Cleanser. It gently and gently removes make-up, cleanses the skin and pores. It contains oat extract, which smoothest and conditions the upper layer of the epidermis. The product perfectly foams, leaving behind a feeling of smoothness and well-groomed.
Advice! Do not use soap to cleanse your face.

Normal skin can be toned by ordinary washing in cool water. You can use a piece of frozen herbal infusion of chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, etc. Or tonics suitable for normal skin.

After that, it is the turn of moisturizing. To do this, you can apply a mask or moisturizer essentials by ARTISTRY ™, which can provide the skin with long-lasting hydration for up to 12 hours.

In the evening, the skin must be new thoroughly freed from makeup residues using tonic or milk. To remove water-resistant make-up, you can use the special ARTISTRY ™ Amway two-phase product. It is designed for makeup remover of long-lasting cosmetics and does not damage the hydrolipid layer of the skin. The product has been new tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and can be used even by contact lens wearers.

Before going to bed, a nourishing night cream should be applied to the skin – after thirty years, this remedy should be included in your mandatory cosmetic program.
Proper facial care at the age of 30 also involves the use of peels and scrubs. Normal skin tolerates exfoliating procedures well, but they should not be overused. It is enough to carry out them once every 1-2 weeks and use softer scrubs. This is how the ARTISTRY ™ Renewing Facial Peeling professionally deals with peeling, cleanses, improves skin elasticity and does not dry it out at the same time.

Dry skin care

The main thing dry skin needs is hydration. Therefore, to cleanse and tone it, you should select gels, lotions and tonics that do not contain alcohol. With frequent use, alcohol can disrupt the natural water balance of the epidermis.

For those with dry skin, the Amway ARTISTRY HYDRA-V ™ line is perfect for deep hydration. All products are prepared with Norwegian fjord water, known for its beneficial properties.

When choosing cosmetics for dry skin after 30 years, pay attention to the composition. It is good if it includes the following components:

hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the epidermis.
collagen and elastin, which help maintain firmness.
glycerin is a good hydrant that creates a waterproof film that prevents moisture from escaping.
panthenol, which promotes skin regeneration.
emollient and moisturizing oils.
retinoids, which help to cope with the first wrinkles.
vitamins A, C, E and enzymes are excellent antioxidants that slow down skin aging.

In addition to moisturizing, dry skin desperately needs nourishment. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ™ Nourishing Cream contains not only most of the listed ingredients, but also Livebirth extract, which activates the appearance of natural proteins, and Micro-X6 peptide, which stimulates collagen production. In addition, its rich texture is well suited for the cold season.

Dry skin is especially prone to wrinkles. To combat them, you can use special tools. For example, the anti-wrinkle serum ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE ™. According to the test results, 75% of women noticed a reduction in age-related wrinkles after just 2 weeks.

Advice! Owners of dry skin should not abuse scrubs. The scrub new should be used no more than once every 3-4 weeks. The older and drier the skin, the less often the scrub should be used. Closer to the age of 40, it can be almost completely excluded from everyday life.

Oily and combination skin care

For cleansing combination and oily skin, light foams with neutral pH and antibacterial components are suitable. Do not use new hot water when washing your face. The high temperature activates the activity of the sebaceous glands, as a result of which the oily sheen only intensifies.
Advice! Try to choose herbal, oil-free cosmetics.
Many women believe that oily skin does not need to be moisturized and nourished. However, this is a common misconception. Creams for this type of skin are fat-free. Among their components are talc, zinc or starch, which remove shine, salicylic acid, which evens out color and relief. These creams have a very light structure, are instantly absorbed and do not leave a shine.

Amway offers the essentials by ARTISTRY ™, a convenient basic care system for oily to combination skin. It includes makeup remover wipes, wash gel and UV protection lotion (SPF30).

For combination skin, the same creams are suitable as for oily skin. However, they should be applied only to the T-zone, and for the cheeks, use a cream for normal skin.
In addition to daily care, oily skin needs additional cosmetic measures. For example, clay masks are very suitable for her – they not only dry well, but also tighten the pores.

Salon procedures

Facial skin care at the age of 30 or more involves the passage of professional cosmetic procedures, which are carried out only in specialized salons.
Let’s list the most popular ones:
Botox injections “freeze” the muscles in the problem area, and while they are resting, wrinkles have time to smooth out.

mesotherapy – injections of biologically active substances – vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, which help to moisturize and provoke cells to work actively.
bio revitalization is very similar to mesotherapy, but it contains hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 1 to 3%, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Injections are made into the deeper layers of the skin. The older the age, the higher the concentration of hyaluronic acid should be used.

peeling is a deep skin cleansing procedure. Depending on its type, they choose:
vacuum peeling – cleans the pores on the principle of a vacuum cleaner using a vacuum apparatus. Recommended for dry skin.

laser peeling allows you to get rid of deep wrinkles.
chemical peeling – application of special preparations that activate the exfoliation process. Suitable for oily skin.

Skin around the eyes

The area around the eyes is the new thinnest and most delicate, so it needs a special cream with a light structure that has passed ophthalmological testing and is harmless even if it gets into the eyes. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ™ Nourishing Eye Cream stimulates the production of natural “youth proteins” and, according to clinical trials, 93% of women who applied it within two weeks saw a reduction in visible wrinkles.