The best cosmetic benefits of rosehip oil

Among the natural products most used today, rosehip oil is positioned as an essential in beauty, both for its properties on hair and on the skin . This oil provides great hydration and vitamins , hence its wide range of benefits.

Why use rosehip oil?

The rosehip oil is the perfect remedy to have on hand, as is the solution to many ailments and conditions with which we encounter daily , besides being treated for other more important.

Rosehip oil for acne

For this disease that generally manifests itself in the teenage years and that seriously affects the skin of the youngest, infesting it with pimples, pimples and sebum, rosehip oil helps to eliminate excess fat and helps to heal wounds , as well as to eliminate spots on the skin. It should be asked beforehand if the application of this oil is compatible with the medical treatment that is being carried out for acne.

Other natural remedies to fight acne

Moisturize the skin with rosehip oil

It is advisable to hydrate the skin with this oil at least once a week . Carpet rose oil allows you to do it in several ways . One of them can be to take a bath, filling the bathtub with hot water and instead of bath salts pour a small amount of this oil . In this way it will hydrate our skin while we relax. It can also be applied after a shower with the body still wet so that the oil penetrates better.

Rosehip oil for stretch marks

The streaks that appear to increase and decrease weight quickly can be reduced with oil. It is important to follow a daily treatment, hydrating the affected area several times a day with rosehip oil . After a while of use we will notice how they are not so visible. If what we want is to prevent stretch marks , applying rosehip oil daily will leave our skin prepared and hydrated. This is a remedy primarily for pregnant women, who are more prone to stretch marks during pregnancy.

Rosehip tonic

To clean the face after each day it is advisable to finish with a little rosehip oil, as if it were a toner. The remains of makeup and impurities disappear after each application, leaving a clean and healthy skin. It also helps to remove the spots that appear on the skin.

Remove scars

Rosehip oil regenerates the skin and, as with stretch marks, helps scars disappear quickly , leaving as little mark as possible on the skin. The same happens with skin burns , it helps to heal without leaving a mark.

Rosehip oil for hair

When the hair is very dry , damaged or frizzy, it is best to start a deep hydration treatment that can be done with rosehip. It is as simple as applying this oil from medium to ends and staying for 20 minutes and then washing with water and shampoo. Following the treatment 3 times a week we will begin to notice changes in our hair, to see it more luminous and smooth.

How to consume rosehip oil?

In general, musket oil is presented in bottles and its use is simple, it does not need to be dissolved, it can be applied directly on the body and it does not have adverse consequences , since it is a totally natural product . It cannot be ingested and special care must be taken when storing it , since it must be kept in a cool and dry new place away from odors and solar radiation.