How to choose your haircut

How to set the shape of your face

To determine the shape of your face, you need to be able to see it! To do this, release it by pulling your hair back, either by bringing it back in a ponytail, if it is long or by holding it with the help of a headband. Then, observe yourself in front of the ice: analyze your face in detail and define the width of your forehead, your cheekbones, your jaw, and your chin. Do you use these criteria to establish the category in which your face ranks: Is it rather square? Round? Oval? Triangular? Or rectangular?

You have a round face.

The advantage: whether at the level of the forehead, cheekbones, or chin, the volume is there: there is no need to fill the absence of curves or curves here and there. You can, therefore, reasonably consider a shortcut that will clear your features. And if you prefer long hair, choose a gradient that will hide your cheeks.

You have an oval face.

You are in luck because this-type of face adapts in principle to most cuts! If it is very elongated, avoid, however, accentuating this trait. Prefer, then, to add volume on the sides, at the cheeks or chin, to round the oval and give the impression that your face is slightly wider.

You have a triangular face.

In other words, your forehead is much broader than your chin. Therefore, the main thing is to create an illusion of volume on the lower face. Avoid the height on the top of the head (which would accentuate your forehead), but plan volume around the chin: mid-long curly cut, for example, to frame it and thus give it the impression. Of being more “massive.” If you like long hair, choose hairstyles that favor volume over straight, straight cuts that would make your face look even smaller. To erase the width of your forehead, bet on the fringe, mainly if it is tapered.

You have a rectangular face.

A rectangular face is a long face whose jaw and forehead are ample. It will be highlighted by a tapered cut that will erase the angles instead of accentuating them. As with the oval face, avoid the volume on the top of the head, which may highlight the impression of length, and very short squares (at the chin or ears), which may accentuate the square side of the jaw. On the other hand, do-not hesitate to adopt any fringe to break the length and erase the width of the temples.

And also

  1. Think about the fringe if you have a large forehead. Otherwise, it would help shrink your face and mask your gaze.
  2. Think about locks and a slight sweep to bring relief and brightness to the color of your hair (whether natural or not).
  3. The ideal cut does not simply depend on the shape of your face but also your lifestyle: if you do not have much time to devote each morning to your hairstyle, do not choose a cut that requires a long blow dry every day.