Centifics reveal why cancer can be invincible

Cancer the main reason for the formation of malignant tumors is aging and bad habits, which weaken the human body and allow the appearance of these, according to a new theory confirmed experimentally by US scientists.

To explain their hypothesis, they have resorted to an unusual comparison of the human body with the environment and cells with that of dinosaurs. The extinction of the dinosaurs 64 million years ago is not due to the fact that they became weaker or less fit for life or that mammals somehow beat them but to the supposed impact of a meteorite, which altered their habitat., which meant an impetus to the change of this reptile.

According to scientists Andrii I. Rozhon and James DeGregory from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, in their study published in the journal ‘PNAS,’ this also occurs with the human body and the changes it may undergo, such as aging and harmful habits causing healthy tissues to deteriorate, and at some point, the body surrenders to cancer cells that turn out to be stronger, according to the opinion of.

According to this hypothesis, cancerous tumors form due to mutations that accumulate in the cell’s genome.

However, after many experiments in mice and the construction of mathematical models, Rozhon and DeGregory concluded that mutations capable of causing cancer are almost always present in an organism, but defense systems keep them under control until everything is altered. The ecosystem”.

In an interview with the Russian portal Gazeta.ru James DeGregory, he suggests that doctors focus not on preventing cell genome mutation but on how comfortable the environment in which cancer cells develop turns out to be.

In turn, it must be taken into account how therapies can affect the state of healthy tissues. That is, if they are damaged during treatment, they will contribute to the development of the remaining cancer cells, and the disease will return. But a therapy that will make healthy tissue more resistant will delay the development of tumors. “This problem can be seen as one of the environments: if you want to conserve the population of lemurs in Madagascar, you should not cut down the forest in which they live,” the scientist compared.

Cancer, to some extent, remains invincible since aging cannot be avoided, the researcher indicates. However, “it is possible to slow down, and in this helps a healthy lifestyle. It must be taken into account that maintaining a healthy diet, a sports routine, and abandoning harmful vices can help the development of diseases, and it has been shown that it also works against cancer.