Essential To Detect Breast Cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is-key to its cure. For this reason, it is essential that all women know those essential measures to be able to diagnose them early. breast cancer is the most common tumor in Western women. In fact, in Spain alone, around 25,000 new cases are diagnosed per year.

Fortunately, advances in research and medical treatments have significantly increased survival rates, although one of the keys in the early detection of illness. In that sense, it should be-noted that an early diagnosis of breast cancer allows one to act more quickly and, consequently, achieve a greater probability of cure.

The size and extent of the tumor are some of the most determining factors in establishing the prognosis of this disease. Therefore, all women should be-aware of the essential measures to detect breast cancer in its early stages.

Do not forget to go to your gynecologic check-ups. In general, women should go to their gynecologists’ at least once a year for their follow-up visit with the aim of detecting breast cancer and other gynecologic diseases early, so do not postpone your check-up.

Perform your follow-up mammograms. Depending on your risk of developing breast cancer, your gynecologists’ will recommend regular mammograms starting at a certain age. Generally, it is usually around the age of 40, although, in the presence of certain family history, you may need to do it at younger ages.

Mammograms can help find tumors at a very early stage when treatment will be most effective even years before visible symptoms or signs occur.

For this reason, follow the recommendations of your gynecologists’ and start with annual follow-up mammograms at the time you tell them to.

  1. Spend some time exploring your breasts. It is important that you-are familiar with the appearance of your breasts so that you can detect any changes and immediately inform your gynecologists’.
  2. In this way, try to find a gap in your agenda every month, preferably the days after menstruation, and spend a few minutes palpating your breasts and armpits.

Know the warning signs of breast cancer. There are symptoms that should make us go without delay to the doctor so that he can assess them:

  • Asymmetry
  • Hardening or sagging in the breasts
  • Irregularities in the contour
  • Less mobility of one of the chests when raising the arms
  • Skin alterations (appearance of ulcers, color changes or dimples type ‘orange peel’)
  • Retraction or discharge from the nipple
  • The detection of-a lump in the breast or armpit.

Breast self-examination is recommended precisely because it will help you identify these signs if they occur.

However, do not be alarmed ahead of time, as these symptoms can also appear associated with other benign diseases, and it should be a doctor who evaluates it before issuing a diagnosis.

Keep in mind at all times that, despite being a disease with a significant incidence among women, the current cure rate of breast cancer is very high and increases every year.

So, do not forget to be attentive to possible changes in your breasts, go to the doctor if you have any questions and, above all, perform your annual gynecologic check-up on time.