What to do to have beautiful skin?

Having beautiful skin is the dream of many of us. Unfortunately, external aggressions put our epidermis to the test. Stress, pollution, poor diet, sun… So many factors that attack him daily. So how do you ensure a perfect skin texture? Beauty routine, healthy eating, sport… Discover all our tips to find beautiful skin naturally.

Dull complexion, redness, small pimples… These imperfections ruin our lives! But have you ever wondered where they could come from? Before dealing with the problem, it is good to know its origin because even the best creams in the world will not solve it. The solution? A better lifestyle. Indeed, beautiful skin is healthy skin. We, therefore, bet on a good diet, regular sports activity, and care adapted to our skin type.

A morning and evening facials routine

This is the basis for all those who want to wear perfect skin. We do not compromise on a daily beauty ritual. But do not panic; routine care does not necessarily rhyme with applying a ton of product. Less is more! Main? Find the proper reflexes and cosmetics according to the needs of our skin. This routine must be simple and effective in our daily lives, morning and evening.

Cleaning and removing makeup to remove impurities

This is the essential step of a good beauty routine. In the morning, we remove sweat and dust that has settled on our faces during the night. In the evening, we eliminate the makeup of the day. We use a purifying cleansing and makeup remover jelly that adapts to all skin, even the most sensitive.

A scrub to get a new look

Every 2 to 3 days, it is good to perform a scrub to remove all dead skin. The idea? Make your skin breathe and prepare it for other care. Your complexion will be magnified and will gain in radiance. Ideally, the scrub should be done in the evening so that the skin has time to regenerate during the night. Good look guaranteed!

Good hydration to soften your skin

Every day, do not skip the hydration stage. Choose a gel texture, non-greasy for the day with a moisturizing face serum and a more decadent cream for the night. A good moisturizer will have a softening, anti-oxidant, and even anti-aging action essential to having beautiful skin. Opt for formulas enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen to identify the skin in depth.

Protect your skin from the sun

Have a hauled skin, yes, but protected! To do this, apply sunscreen with an SPF on your day cream. This product will counter UV rays and the blue light of our screens, responsible for the premature aging of our skin.

Carry out an in-depth treatment

Mask, massage with oils… Once a week, give yourself a moment of cocooning. Applying a mask will do your skin a lot of good. Nourishing for dry skin, purifying to unclog pores and regulate excess sebum from combination to oily skin, moisturizing for skin lacking water… For each type of skin, its mask is adapted. Finally, apply a vegetable oil ( jojoba, coconut, argan ) by massaging your skin to relax the features and avoid the appearance of wrinkles. You can also penetrate your oil using a jade stone. This decongests the features to facilitate blood circulation. Your face will gain tone.

A healthy and balanced diet

“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.” This adage is not to be taken lightly since having beautiful skin passes above all through the diet. Eat five fruits and vegetables a day to fill up on vitamins and fiber, and consume enough omega-three protein. In addition, eating a healthy diet contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The little extra to revive the radiance of your face? A cure of beta carotenes. This ingredient is found in carrots, apricots, red peppers, or melons.

Drinking to stay hydrated

The WHO recommends drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. Indeed, our body loses a lot of water every day in the form of sweat through urine, our kidney functions, and our pores. Therefore, it is essential to provide an adequate amount of water to keep it hydrated and able to fulfill its function as a natural barrier. Water also helps to maintain good skin elasticity.

Sports activities

Let’s get into the legs! It is essential to play sports for your health in general and especially that of your skin. Indeed, regular practice will help you evacuate all the toxins accumulated by sweating. It will also contribute to good blood circulation and cell renewal. In addition, some sports are more beneficial than others to boost your glow.

Cardio training

A running, boxing or swimming session will allow your body to secrete endorphins (pleasure hormone), thus reducing stress, the cause of many skin problems.


If there is one sport that will automatically give you a fresh and luminous complexion, it is this one! Yoga has the power to activate the oxygenation of cells through the work of deep breathing and multiple postures. To improve your skin condition, bet on upside-down positions, promoting blood supply.

Facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics is the new practice to adopt to prevent the youth of your features, prevent skin aging, erase signs of fatigue, and tone the face. To do this, chain a series of exercises to activate and strengthen your facial muscles, which are prone to relaxation. This alternative to cosmetic surgery, too abrasive, restores volume to your cheeks, redraws your mouth, or smoothest the area of your eyes and forehead.